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Good News:

Secrets is now available through major bookstores, online stores as well as through Friesen Press bookstore.There will be a book signing at Indigo/Chapters bookstore on Fanshawe Park in London  on Sat. June 30 from 12 - 4 PM. Hope to see you there.

The Gatehouse continues to be available through your favourite bookstore  or you can order it online as well and have it

shipped to you directly.

In June of 2015, we revisited Eastwell Manor in Kent, England, site of the actual gatehouse (as depicted on the cover of

The Gatehouse as well as the cover  of Secrets) and met with the owner, Turrloo Parrett.  He has kindly offered to do

whatever he can to help, including making Eastwell Manor available as oneof the venues for the film version.  

Of such stuff are dreams made of! 


Please enjoy and if you do write a review. It really helps in the promotion of the book.


 Just finished ‘Secrets’....another great read! Congratulations. You have a real talent.LB



You have created a very touching and warm study about the Henley family.

characters are well developed

and easy to relate to. Your story unfolds with strong pacing and structure. The plot twists and turns.....

It became a real page turner!"



Good luck, Beth! I read "The Gatehouse" when I was on holidays; it's perfect for the beach! I look forward to your next



Beth:  to let you know I really enjoyed your book and stayed up 'til 12:30 AM completing it -- something I have not done

in a long time.  Especially liked when the story got into the gov't military issues.  Am looking forward to your next book.  

Get writing.   Meg N.




A romance novel with lots of intrigue!


First let me say that the 'romance novel’ isn't a genre I typically read but having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by

the intrigue that evolved in the second half. I was also struck by the formality of the language. Barely a contraction to be

found! But it made sense given the need to define the upper vs middle class 'conflict' between the 2 main characters.

I also found myself able to imagine the look and feel of both the main house and the gate house in my mind’s eye.

Both took on character roles in their own right.   Donna D.



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