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I was born in London, England, near the Fuller's Brewery in Chiswick, located on the River Thames. After completed my B.A. at the University of London I emigrated to Canada in my mid twenties.  I am married with three grown daughters and six grandchildren.  Coincidentally, Beth and I now live at Toad Hall on Thames in London, Ontario. My career history follows the path of teacher, failed monk, writer, educational administrator and entrepreneur.  In 1968 I won the Editor of the Year award from the Canadian Industrial Editors’ Association.  In 1994, instead of retiring, Beth and I re-invented ourselves, moving to Front Royal, Virginia. Seven Years in Virginia:  A mid-life Adventure represents my first serious writing effort since I completed my M.Ed. Thesis at U.W.O. 


In addition to running a global market intelligence business in the cultural and attraction sectors, my interests and hobbies include, golf, tennis (two national 45+ doubles titles) travel, photography, gardening, fishing, terrifying small family members as resident sea monster in our salt-water pool, composing limericks, some of which are not X-rated, cooking, and playing the piano by ear.  Someone once called me a renaissance man.  I like that moniker.

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