The Henley family saga that began with The Gatehouse

continues. There’s  nothing  predictable  about the way Kenneth Henley’s professional, personal and family life experiences unfold. Secrets abound. There’s the arrival of the mysterious and attractive parisienne, Dr. Sophie Hébert. And what about the secrets which the British Military continue to protect from Diane’s investigative enquiry? Will she ever find out what really happened to Michael, her journalist partner in Iraq and the villagers who were murdered there? And what about the secret Sir Stephen (Kenneth’s father) has lived with most of his adult life? His loyal friend Jeffrey knows the truth. The secret is safe with him. But when a mysterious portrait of the artist goes on display at Lady Amelia’s clinic fundraising event, Sir Stephen knows he must face a difficult family decision.  Meanwhile, having finally completed the Iraq documentary, Diane learns the painful truth of what really happened there.  She also has a very personal secret to share with Kenneth Henley.  But how will she and the Henley family respond to her revelation?